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Friday Favorites: Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

black and white photo of a woman holding a camera

As many entrepreneurs do, I often find myself caught in the whirlwind of daily tasks and creative endeavors required by the life and business I've pursued. If there's anything I can acknowledge, it's the importance of learning to take a time out to recharge, and making sure that I connect with the people I love ... perhaps most importantly, the partner who supports this dream chaser. This year marked seven years of marriage, and to celebrate the occasion, we decided to take the short trek back to the place where we got engaged, a charming and quiet spot nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania... Wellsboro, home of the "Pennsylvania Grand Canyon" and the perfect place for a quiet getaway, Bear Meadows Lodge.

Eight years ago, amidst the hustle and bustle of a house full of kids, work and the cold northeastern winter weather, I was experiencing a "flare" of sorts. I had been told I had fibromyalgia and found that the cold temperatures exacerbated the symptoms I experienced. From time to time I would struggle with brain fog, an aching body, sensitive skin, and the sadness and frustration that would accompany these changes that I couldn't seem to control. My, then boyfriend, Mike, who you know now as my right hand, my IT guy and second shooter, has always been a "fixer". He learned that hot tubs were often used as therapy for people with this condition, so he set out to find a place to take me so that I could relax and, hopefully, get some relief.

Chalkboard welcome sign on table.

He found Bear Meadows Lodge, a two hour drive from home...a private retreat complete with a spacious room and bathroom, a fireplace, and a private deck with hot tub overlooking the quiet countryside.

Check in at this special, non-traditional B&B, was as quiet as could be as we made our way to our room in the cabin styled home. I remember entering the impeccable space and being swept up in the little details and care the innkeeper had taken. The television filled the room with the gentle sound of old standards. Chocolates on the bedside table, robes hanging in the spacious bathroom, fully stocked coffee nook and mini fridge, and a basket full of healthy snacks (the non-traditional part of the bed & "breakfast"... This little home away from home does not serve a sit down breakfast, rather includes all the goodies you need, right there in the room.) Next to the breakfast basket, a chalkboard with our names on it, welcoming us to our stay. So many personal touches made it that much more alluring and comfortable. The view from the french doors looked out into a valley, bare from the winter's cold, but beautiful nonetheless, and there in the corner of the deck sat a two person hot tub, just waiting to be relaxed in. I had made my way around the room to the other side of the bed to find a journal sitting on the side table. The journal contained the appreciation of visitors who'd stayed before. I perused their little heartwarming stories with excitement and turned around to tell Mike what I'd been reading. There I found him on bended knee asking me to be his wife!

a page of a journal with writing on it dated 2017

I remember thinking of how we had come to this place because I was feeling the effects of fibromyalgia, feeling less than (unable to do what I normally did), feeling weak (why couldn't I just power through it?), simply not healthy (body pain), - or smart (brain fog), - or pretty (not sunshiny & smiley), and certainly not feeling fun (all of the above). And, I often still reflect on the fact, that even on my worst days, this man loves me this much. I may not have been the picture of perfection on the day that I said 'yes', but that moment could not have been more perfect to validate the strength our relationship had.

As the years have passed, we've gone back to the lodge a few times. We go to recharge and remember, to be able to "just be". We'll usually try to grab dinner at a local restaurant, but rarely do much other than enjoy the peaceful environment. This time, I insisted that we finally get a glimpse of this Pennsylvania Grand Canyon I'd heard this area is notorious for, though it was a cold, snow-covered January day.

Winter photo of an overlook of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon with snow covered trees.

After a walk along Main Street amidst the quiet Monday bustle, a quick walk in beard trim with the local barber, a visit to a delightful little veteran-owned store and brisket quesadillas for lunch at the bistro of the same owners, we drove to a scenic overlook to take in the wide open view of the valley cut below. I imagine we would love a hike or a bike ride here in a more seasonal time, but this was certainly an icy treasure to behold.

It's funny how time passes for me here. Quick and slow, all at once. It will forever be a place near and dear to me... the picturesque, quaint town of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.

The book "No Cooked Breakfast" by Jim Meade

It turns out the owner of the lodge has penned a book too! I purchased it as a souvenir from our visit this go 'round. In it are the sentiments of many a guest that has had the pleasure of experiencing this wonderful place, as well as his own insights on starting and running a B&B.

You can grab your own copy on Amazon.

If you ever make your way out to Wellsboro be sure to visit Beck's Bistro for the Brisket Quesadilla! And, go check out The Main St. Olive Oil Co. and Senior's Creations! Amazing stuff!

P.S. I'm not associated or affiliated with any of these businesses... I'm just about sharing other businesses that I think do an awesome job so give them a like and follow on their socials and, if you're ever in the area, stop in and check them out!


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