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Self-Publishing Consultation:

The Roadmap to Becoming a Published Author

Price: $199

Designed to guide you through the maze of self-publishing, this consultation will give you the guidance you to bring your book to life. We'll walk you through the process of creating and publishing using Amazon KDP, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to publish your masterpiece.


  • Initial Assessment: Discuss your book idea, target audience, and publishing goals.

  • Amazon KDP Overview: A comprehensive guide to understanding Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

  • Manuscript Preparation: Tips on formatting your manuscript for eBook and print.

  • Cover Design Guidance: Advice on creating an eye-catching cover that sells.

  • Metadata and Keywords: How to optimize your book's metadata and keywords for maximum visibility.

  • Pricing Strategy: Guidance on setting the right price for your book.

  • Launch Plan: Creating a timeline for your book launch, including marketing and promotional strategies.

  • Post-Publishing Support: Recommendations for gathering reviews and maintaining book sales.


Why It's Important:

Publishing a book is not just an artistic endeavor; it's a journey that requires careful planning and execution. This consultation provides you with a roadmap to navigate the self-publishing landscape, ensuring you avoid common pitfalls and succeed in your authorial debut.



  • Follow-Up Sessions: For an additional fee, schedule follow-up consultations to keep your publishing journey on track.

  • Marketing Package: Add-on package for book marketing, including social media promotion.

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