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Why Participate?

  • Self-Promotion: Gain exposure and promote your business or trade to a broader audience at no cost as a way to say thank you for helping with the launch of this series.

  • Networking Opportunity: Connect with other industry professionals and potential clients through the platform's visibility.

  • Contribute to Your Industry: By sharing your knowledge and experience, you’ll be playing a crucial role in educating and inspiring future generations about the opportunities in your field.

  • Quality Media Content: Benefit from professionally edited images that showcase your business and skills. You'll get to keep your choice of 3 images for use in your own commercial use at no charge, just for participating!

What is "Building Blue Collar"?

"Building Blue Collar" is an innovative and engaging video series presented by McGlynn Media, designed to spotlight the vitality and diversity of blue-collar careers. In this series we'll delve into various trades, revealing the skills, challenges, and rewards of each profession. It's not just a showcase but a journey into the heart of America's workforce, aimed at inspiring the next generation to consider these vital careers.

Are you a skilled tradesperson or a business owner

in Northeast Pennsylvania?

We’re looking for enthusiastic participants

who are eager to share their expertise and stories.

By being featured in "Building Blue Collar," you’ll have the unique opportunity to promote your business and skills

at no cost!

Ready to help spread the word about your trade?

Tell me a little about your business and what you would like to feature!

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