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Getting Out of Auto Mode

Photography Training

  • Price: $249 (1 Month)

  • Duration: Meeting 1x per week for 4 weeks. Session duration 1 hour each.

  • Includes:

    • Personalized photography training to boost your skills.

    • Suitable for beginner & hobby photographers.

    • Learn essential photography techniques, including composition, lighting, and camera settings.

    • Hands-on practice and feedback to improve your photography.

    • Post-processing guidance for enhancing your photos.

    • Access to exclusive photography resources and tips.

    • One-on-one or group training options available.


Why It's Important: Photography is both an art and a skill. This training package empowers individuals to capture moments with confidence, whether for personal enjoyment or professional pursuits. While endeavoring to learn to use your camera to its potential can often feel intimidating, the approach to this training is one that removes that technical emphasis in favor of a more hands on, user friendly approach.

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