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Strategic Success Starter

Marketing Analysis & Planning

Price: Introductory rate $999

Duration: One-month engagement


  • Initial Consultation: To understand your business goals and challenges.

  • Market Research: To identify your target audience and market trends.

  • Competitive Analysis: To understand your positioning in the market.

  • Marketing Strategy Development: Customized plan including goal-setting and key performance indicators.

  • Tactical Marketing Plan: Specific actions and tactics to achieve your marketing goals, aligned with high ROI trends like short video and influencer marketing.

  • One Follow-Up Session: To review initial results and make adjustments.

Why It's Important: A well-crafted marketing strategy not only gives direction to your marketing efforts but also helps you target the right audience effectively. It maximizes your ROI by aligning your marketing initiatives with current trends and customer behavior.

Note: Additional costs may apply for implementing specific tactics like video production or influencer partnerships.

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