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Choosing the Right Photo Session for Little Ones

Being a parent is filled with moments you love and changes that happen fast. You want to document your child's growth and milestones, and photos are the perfect way to do that! But, how do you know which package is best for your little one, and how can you prepare to help get the magical moments you are hoping for? I've got you covered with some quick tips and considerations to make capturing these memories more of a stress-free experience for both you and your child!

First let's talk personality. It's important to recognize that each child is different and will respond in their own unique way in a photo session. Does your kiddo love the limelight? Maybe they are more on the shy side and prefer being in their own cozy bubble? (I can relate! LOL!) It's helpful to let your photographer know little quirks that may help to tailor the session to better suit your child's comfort level.


When it comes to planning, figuring out what to wear can be fun or daunting! Don't stress! Pick a few items that reflect the style and personality of your little one. Bring an option or two to your session, if your feeling a little "on-the-fence". If your photoshoot will be outdoors, you have plenty of versatility for color selections that will look great, so just keep climate/weather in mind. If you've chosen to theme your setting in some way, keep those details in mind and pick outfits that will compliment that setting in color and style. When you feel unsure, simply message for guidance! It's also worth noting that little ones can respond differently to restriction and textures, so you'll want to select wardrobe options that make them feel comfortable and able to move freely.

Familiar Items:

It can be helpful to bring a few familiar items to your photo session. If your child prefers a particular toy or stuffy, or has a security blanket, consider packing them as a backup plan for any major meltdowns. It's important to consider, once these items enter the setting, it may be hard to take them away (or remove from your image). I would recommend having them hidden as a backup plan, unless absolutely needed, but it's important to have tools available to help your child feel most comfortable in an environment they are not used to.

Pep Talks:

If your child is old enough to have a chat, go ahead and start getting them excited for their photo session ahead of time! Tell them about the fun they will have striking a pose. Help to make it an adventure for them. Encourage questions and allow them to express any worries they may have. This will help you to alleviate some of their stress before their big day. Some little ones are more fearful than others of new environments. If you are going to be in a public setting, and if you have the opportunity, it can be helpful to visit that place in advance of your session so that your child can grow their sense of familiarity, perhaps helping them to look forward to another visit there.


It's totally understandable that routines are a big deal in the world of tiny humans. It's definitely best to schedule the session during their happiest and most alert times. If they're usually full of energy in the morning, plan for that time. If afternoon naps are their thing, choose a time around that. The goal is to capture fun genuine smiles so it's important to create a comfortable time around your child's rhythm. A child who is not hungry or thirsty, tired, or in need of a change, is always going to be a happier and more willing participant.

What to Expect Behind the Scenes:

Alright, let's be real for a moment. We know that kids can have a mind of their own, and that's totally cool! I'm a Mom, myself, and I'm experienced in working with little ones on various levels. I expect kids to be kids! It's my job to focus on helping to create and capture magical moments. There may be toys, props, or creative activities, and I'm no stranger to acting silly to keep your kiddo engaged. As parents, in the moments of a photoshoot, I know it can feel stressful, but trust the process. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your child will be. And, keep in mind that some of the moments "in-between" the posed or sought after looks, are simply THE BEST! Kids are awesome for fun candids!

I'm here to make the process of planning a photo session for your little one a breeze. By understanding their personality, incorporating their favorite things, and keeping their routine in mind, we'll be able to create a stress-free experience together, that brings out their brightest smiles. Let's collaborate, communicate, and work together to capture those precious memories that you'll cherish for years to come.

Remember, I'm on this journey with you, and I'm here to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible. So, get ready to freeze those heartwarming moments, because I can't wait to let your little star shine!


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