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It's More Than Just a Picture: The Importance of Professional Headshots

You might just want to do your job, practice your craft, and make all the professional magic happen in your career, so what's the big deal if you don't have a current headshot, right? Most of us don't really want to sit for a photo op. It feels awkward. We are often hyper-critical of ourselves. We're often thinking, "Is this really necessary?", when a company wants it done. And when relating to our own businesses, we might see a value, but drag our feet because we have so much else to do, (and,'s the "do I HAVE tooooooo????" mentality because it's just a picture, right?)

But trust me, it's so much more than that.

First Impressions Matter

In today's digital age, your online presence is often the first interaction people have with your brand. And what's the first thing they see? Your photo. Let's be honest, people like things to feel personal, connected. When we look for a service provider, a local vendor or professional resource, it's not like shopping a product on Amazon. We look at the personal and business profiles. We check our friends' reviews. We form opinions based on what & WHO we SEE online! An up to date, professional headshot not only makes you look good, but also sends a message that you're serious about what you do. It's like a firm handshake in a digital world.

Unity Through Group Headshots

Group of seven friendly looking women in a strong, professional appearing pose.

If you're part of a team, group headshots can be a game-changer. They showcase the human side of your business and create a sense of unity. Imagine a potential client scrolling through your 'About Us' page and seeing a cohesive, professional team. It's an instant trust builder! When you see company culture of 'togetherness' and 'community', don't you feel more comfortable with that business? I know I do!

Headshot Sessions at McGlynn Media

You know I'm not just about snapping a quick pic. My clients are important to me, so it's important that I take the time to understand your brand, your team, and your vision. My goal is to ensure that you (and your team) feel comfortable and able to represent who you are without feeling stiff and forced. I want to help you create a headshot that speaks to your clients or network before you even say a word.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, and Then Some

Think about it—when was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile picture? Or the team photo on your company website? If it's been a while, you're not alone. But consider this: a fresh, professional headshot could be the difference between landing that new client or not. It's a small investment with potentially huge returns.

When creating your website or media assets, think about how a strong, cohesive set of team photos will look! It's next level!

Ready to Make a Statement?

When you're ready to elevate your brand and make a lasting impression, I'm here for you. Reach out to start planning your shoot. It's more than a headshot... you are a huge part of your business or brand, and it's my job to help you shine!


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