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Jump back into the world of construction and camaraderie with "Lou Can Too," the heartwarming sequel to "Bigger Diggers."


This time, fan favorite, Lou the Mini Excavator, sets off on a new adventure, rolling into uncharted territory with a heart full of hope and tracks ready for action. As he arrives at his new job site, Lou meets an unforgettable duo: Sloane, a machine who's charm matches her sharp skills, and Duncan, a bold skid steer with a laugh as loud as his engine.


Together, this trio embarks on a mission to clear the land, facing challenges that test their abilities and allow their differences to shine. Through teamwork, laughter, and a few surprises along the way, Lou, Sloane, and Duncan show that success isn't just about what you can do—it's about what you can do together.


"Lou Can Too" is a tale of finding your place in a new world and allowing your uniqueness to shine. With vibrant illustrations and a story that keeps the beat of this hardworking crew, this book is a bucket load of lessons about collaboration, acceptance, and the endless possibilities that come when we support one another.


Perfect for young readers eager to explore the value of diversity and the beauty of working together to achieve great things.


Order your copy today and join Lou on his journey to a place where every machine, no matter the size, gender, or power source, has a special role to play!

Lou Can Too *Author Signed Copy*

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published 

    Language ‏ : ‎ English

    Paperback ‏ : ‎ 50 pages

    Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 5.1 ounces

    Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.5 x 0.12 x 8.5 inches

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