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Favorite Quotes

I am a quote fanatic. If you have ever visited my personal Facebook profile, you've probably been hit by a sandstorm of well executed words that I've admired from various sources. I even have an album called "take what you need", where I dump some of my favorite snippets for safe keeping.

Years ago, for one of my daughter's birthdays (I think it was her seventeenth?), I compiled a little packet of snippets I had collected, that I felt were important enough that she should read them or keep them somewhere....for someday.

You just never know when something is going to hit a nerve or be a reminder when you need it.

People can be so brilliant and inspiring.

I'm so thankful for the way that we can share knowledge and inspiration with one another. In kicking off a new fun series, "Fridays are for Favorite Things", I'm giving you access to the compilation I made for my daughter, (and subsequently, my oldest son).

I cannot take credit for any of these quotes and they have just been snipped from here and there over time. They serve as a little guidance when needed, inspiration when low, and reminders when we forget what we're doing and why.



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